The Smartons Apps Family!

Peggy the Pilot, Alberto the Astronaut, Mendel the Mailman, Sarup the Scientist, Peng the Policeman, Deon the Doctor and others will lead you through fun, educational adventures as they narrate each rhyming story and are joined by such animal friends as Bonanzo the Bird, Dapple the Dog, Runnel the Rabbit, Shooster the Rooster, and Kibby the Kangaroo! You will get to know and love each diverse, inspirational character! Welcome to the Smartons App family!

Mendel the Mailman

Mendel the Mailman travels mile after mile,
Delivering letters and packages with a big smile!
He will also deliver stories to you!
Through his stories you'll learn and have a laugh too!

Sarup the Scientist

Sarup the Scientist leads the way!
As he explores science each and every day!
Sarup's stories will show how fun science can be!
Sarup makes science so exciting! Just wait and see!

Deon the Doctor

Deon the Doctor is truly a great physician!
Teaching about medicine is his primary mission!
His stories about the body are really a blast!
Deon makes learning so fun that time flies by fast!

Peggy the Pilot

Peggy the Pilot flies airplanes way up high,
Her stories will teach you just how and why!
When it comes to anything related to flight,
She will teach you about it while smiling bright!

Alberto the Astronaut

Dapple the Dog

Dapple the Dog is smart and loves to have fun, 

You'll spot him in Smartons stories--one after one!

You'll hear him bark and see him wag his tail,

Dapple will guide you on your Smartons story trail! 

Bonanzo the Bird

Bonanzo the Bird loves flying up and off the ground!
Somewhere in each story Bonanzo can be found!
Bonanzo will help you learn new things one by one!
Watch out for Bonanzo as you read and have fun!

Runnel the Rabbit

Runnel the Rabbit loves his socks and his crown!
He'll lift you up in Smartons and never let you down!
He'll always have a smile on his face just for you!
He loves fun facts and loves to share them with you!

Kibby the Kangaroo

Kibby the Kangaroo is always full of bounce!
He'll help you gain fun knowledge ounce by ounce!
In his stories you'll see him jump, skip and hop!
Learning with Kibby is so fun you won't want to stop!